Martha on 40 miles of bad road
Pipe break
Golden Shores barely visible below in middle ground
Two row 12 hammer gun, and yes, the bunny got away.
March 20th, 2007, we left out of our back gate, then just a couple hundred yards, and into open desert for roaming over quarter million acres of public land,  Our route is indicated by dotted line south of Golden Shores up to Warm Springs on Black Mesa.  Total trip was 53 miles, and we never saw another living person, wonderful, and one of the main reasons we love this area.
Start up the mesa
Wild burro, taken with 10 X optical lense
Below is local area map.  Little retirement community of Golden Shores  where we live, consists of just two square miles total. (upper & lower)  We are lucky indeed, surrounded by desert for endless exploration, we have the Colorado River and the beautiful Topock Marsh at our front door.  Great bass, crappie, and cat fishing in the marsh and, strippers & trout in the river, life is good.
Honest NDN, she's PC legit, Chickasaw lineage et al.
Below was trip we took on March 27th, 07.  Martha & Rodney coming out from powerline road on some rough ground
Martha & I at Route 66 information kiosk, where we struck Oatman HWY north of Golden Shores
March 30th,  Martha, Rodney & I made a 40 mile trip up to top of White Mountain to see the old gyp mine.  A very rough, & in some places dangerous road, we had to go very slow & careful in spots.
Martha & Rodney by mine entrance.
Martha and I.
         Veiw of Golden Shores from top of White Mountain, taken with 10 power optical lenses.
Martha & Rodney by mine entrance
Martha & I.
View of Golden Shores from atop White Mountain, taken with ten X optical lense.
Old mining road taken up the mountain, six X view.
April 20th, 2007 trip.

Martha and Rodney
This was weird, right in the middle of nowhere, and miles from anything, we found this stone enclosure.  It even had a cooking fireplace built with cemented rocks and a chimney, an old tire swing, and steel silhouette swinging animal targets.
Martha and the old tire swing, rope was rotten.
Martha and Rodney coming down the trail.  (what trail?)
April 24, 2007, we were out riding today and spotted this rock cairn, went for a closer look and found a US government survey marker from 1916.  This would have been some isolated country 91 years ago.
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Pics below taken May 2007 up by Williams AZ.
Sometimes out here, the silence of the remote vastness is peace unto itself.
Trail #3209 where we rode and took pics, I indicated by red dots.
Beautiful vistas
Mule deer, took pics with telephoto lense.
Martha got too relaxed,  Zzzzzzzzz.
Loaded up and ready to head home in the AM.