Just some old photos of rendezvous and doings back in the late 70's early 80's
The late unforgettable Charley Mielke.  Charley was the closest reincarnation of a modern day Mountain Man there was.  Just damn Charley old friend, we all miss you and likely always will.
NAPR National Rendezvous, Kalispell MT.
Hal Lee on a squaw raid.  Waugh, by gar, that be me woman t'has.
When Crazy Butch pulled the trigger, Hal gave him a Christmas goose.
Bob & Comes Late.
Sandy all in a stew.
Dosey doe and you put your right foot forward.
Butch & I at rondy south of Livingston MT.
Cody Memorial Day rondy.
Our lodge at Cody rondy.
Hal & Cindy arriving in camp.
Winter rondy.  The late Mike Cook, Bob, meself and Richard.
Crazy Butch on my horse Bonita
Hag & meself.
On hill above rondy site, that is an actual grave site.
Meself, Griz ,and the late Richard Briggs.  Had a get together at Cooke City MT with Cody's sister club from Livingston MT.
Hal Lee
Shopping day on trader's row.
At age 44, I  was getting too long in the tooth for Colter  runs.
The late Richard Briggs.
Meself and Bob
Pony herd at rondy.
Above:  Leaving house for ride to rondy some miles away.  Below:  In our tepee, Martha had made me some  New skins
Butch, Meself, Comes Late & ?
Butch had opened the door on Sandy, so Cindy paid him back.  I noticed she had her little .54 just in case. (;>0
Puckle gun and Gattling gun made up by Pryor Mountain Bill
Me on a trapper run, set a trap, fire at target & throw the hawk.
Cody Fourth of July parades.  Hal had broken his leg deer hunting at night with his Harley, so a travois was made up for him.
Martha & I, above and below.             Jim & Lois
Bear (AKA the tinkler) his parents
kept a bell tied to his belt.
Out at Old Trail Town (Cody) for dedication of memorial at the grave site of  Liver Eating (Jeremiah) Johnson.  Same one Robert Redford made the movie about.
Elk hunt up on Ishawooa Creek.
Butch acting the contrary by riding  his horse backwards

Hunting camp up on Papoose Creek in Sunlight Basin.
Hal Lee
Red River cart, could hear it screeching from a mile away..
Not sure if Bob wanted to trade Sandy to a pilgrim or lift her hair.
Martha (in capote) and Charley Mielke.
I ask you now, why would we call him Crazy Butch?
Off as a tin horn gambler to the annual Buffalo Bill Ball in Cody
Santa Fe saddle I had built.
Pic I took of some German Snaphaunces in the Cody Firearms Museum.  I really liked the lines of the second one up from bottom.
Little brass barreled pistol I made up.  My brother Jerry Lee has it now.
Bison that had wandered out of Yellowstone up the North Fork from Cody.
Custer Battlefield at the Little Bighorn
(to the NDN's as the Greasy Grass) River.
Sunlight Basin 1981
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